Catherine Asquith Art’s Bespoke Art Tours are designed to inspire, indulge and inform. Drawing on an unprecedented and up to date knowledge of the contemporary art scene, Catherine Asquith’s Bespoke Art Tours provide a unique entrée into Australia’s rich and diverse art world.
Tailored to your individual interests, from a penchant for ceramic sculpture, to an interest in photography, or simply a yearning for understanding and appreciating Australian contemporary art, a Bespoke Art Tour takes you on a stimulating and entertaining journey to experience the very best of what Melbourne’s leading contemporary galleries, artist studios, non-commercial spaces, and public museums and institutions have to offer.

Providing exclusive and private access to galleries, gallery directors and curators, artists, artist studios, public and private collections, exhibitions and stock rooms, Catherine Asquith Art’s Bespoke Art Tours comprise a selection of contemporary Australian art, traditional and contemporary Indigenous art, and include both established and emerging artists.

  • Enjoy chauffeured driven transport to Melbourne’s vibrant art precincts;

  • Half-day and full day tours offered;

  • Discover the unique cultural life of Melbourne

  • Provide an alternative entertainment option to your important corporate clients and visiting international counterparts.

Catherine Asquith Art’s Bespoke Art Tours provide an exclusive and VIP art experience with luxury chauffeured transport and are hosted by an experienced arts professional with 20 years working knowledge of the Australian art market.
The types of tours offered include but are not limited to:

  • Selected high calibre commercial art galleries

  • Artists’ studios

  • Public museums and institutions for example, the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

  • Studio print workshop talks with the artist (subject to availability)*

  • Auction house previews (subject to availability)

In order to provide you with the best possible experience, ten days’ notice is required to allow for a personalised itinerary and to confer with the appropriate galleries and/or artists.
Half day tours:   10am to 1pm
Full day tours:    10am to 5pm
Terms and Conditions

  • Tours are scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays of each week

  • Payment is required at the time of booking and can be made via EFT; an invoice will be issued

  • Full day tour includes a café lunch

  • Pick up and return from CBD-based  hotels

  • Private Art Tours are not suitable for children aged under 16 years

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