Representation: Nasim Nasr


I am delighted to announce that Catherine Asquith Art now represents Nasim Nasr as her agent and collection manager.

Since graduating with a Masters of Visual Arts (Research) in 2011, and having completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2006, Nasim Nasr has developed a body of work that has featured in numerous exhibitions, festivals and publications in Australia and internationally.

Nasr’s photographic and video practice has sought to comment upon universal concerns within contemporary society, engaging and articulating notions of State and self-censorship, and the transience of cultural and personal identity.  With an abiding interest in the concept of cultural relationships and their role in contemporary society, her practice has engaged themes of intercultural dialogue.  Through the presentation of multiple channel video works, photography, performance, objects and sound, these collective works have endeavoured to highlight the complexities within contemporary notions of interchangeable identities and cultural difference, as experienced between past and present cultures and homelands, between the West and the East.

Most recently Nasim Nasr’s “Women in Shadow II” was presented at the 10th Anniversary Edition of “A Shaded View on Fashion Film” at the Club De L’Etoile in Paris, and was awarded Winner for best editing.  This was the filmic version of Nasr’s created performance Art, “Women in Shadow II” at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, earlier this year, in April.

Nasr has been a finalist in The William and Winifred Bowness Photography Art Prize (2018, 2017), the Fischer’s Ghost Art Prize (2018), the Sovereign Asian Art Prize (2017, Hong Kong), The Blake Prize (2018, 2016), and the Redlands Art Prize (2015).  Her inclusion in curated group exhibitions has included the much lauded “Under the Sun: Reimaging Max Dupain’s The Sunbaker”, “Sixth Sense” at the National Art School in Sydney, “CASCA Contemporary 2015” in Adelaide, and the “Tarrawarra Biennial: Whispers in My Mask” in Melbourne. 

Nasr’s work has also been presented at a number of art fairs, both nationally and internationally, notably, Bazaar Art Jakarta (2017), SPRING1883 (2015), Art Dubai (2015), and Art Stage Singapore (2015, 2013), in addition to participating as a panellist in “Talk Contemporary” at Sydney Contemporary in September this year.

Nasr’s art practice has also been the subject of a wide variety of publications, and in the past year has been elucidated in The Guardian, Elle (Italy), Eyeline, Vogue Australia, Sydney Morning Herald, The Daily Telegraph and Art Collector.  Nasr has also been included in What is Performance Art? Australian Perspectives by Mimi Kelly and Adam Geczy (2018), Video Void (2014) and performance-ritual.document (2014) both by Anne Marsh.

Nasim Nasr’s work is represented in Parliament House Art Collection (Canberra), Artbank, and numerous private collections throughout Australia, and internationally in Germany, the USA, Singapore, Qatar and the UAE.

For all enquiries including a copy of a catalogue of works, please email me at or telephone me on 0422 753 696.  I will be delighted to take your enquiries.


*within the state of Victoria, and on the international circuit.