Catherine Asquith Art provides services for  private, corporate and institutional collections

Acquisition / Buying Art

In concert with your collecting objectives we source the artwork for you from an extensive local and international network of reputable galleries, dealers, and auction houses. As a means of maintaining our high standards of professionalism, we undertake all due diligence on your behalf, ensuring the work you are seeking to acquire is as represented by the seller and adheres to a stringent authentication process.  Additionally, this affords you pay a fair and reasonable market price. We guide you through the acquisition process, from assessing condition reports to negotiating the transaction to transporting the work to your preferred premises.

In brief, we provide:

  • Access to high quality art from leading galleries and auction houses
  • Negotiation of  private transactions
  • An opinion and recommendation on existing or proposed acquisitions
  • Impartial yet informed advice based on price research and due diligence
  • Coordination of  transport, storage and installation    


Deaccession / Selling Art

For some, the prospect of deaccessioning or selling an artwork or collection can be somewhat daunting. Traditionally, the art market can be viewed as rather opaque in terms of locating an appropriate venue or buyer, and ascertaining a market ready price.  We can provide you with recommendations for selected avenues through which to sell your artwork or collection, whilst at the same time, remaining mindful of your financial objective.

In brief, we provide:

  • A sales and marketing strategy
  • Negotiation of  private transitions
  • An opinion and recommendation on existing or proposed sales
  • Impartial yet informed advice based on price research and due diligence
  • an extensive local and international network of auction houses, specialists and appraisal firms


Management / Audit

An essential component in maintaining the value, condition and ultimately, integrity of your collection, is professional asset management practices.  By appointing Catherine Asquith Art your collection will benefit from a careful and considered approach.  

Art asset management strategies include:

  • Cataloguing, condition checking, digital photography
  • Research and audit of your artworks
  • Preparation of inventories
  • Assistance with conservation and restoration
  • Referrals for appraisals and advice on insurance solutions
  • Management of transport and storage

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Catherine Asquith Art also provides services for emerging and mid-career artists.

Prior to establishing Catherine Asquith Art in 2013, Catherine forged a reputation for excellence and professionalism during her twelve year ownership and direction of Catherine Asquith Gallery. Committed in her role as a leading gallerist, Catherine sought to introduce discerning collectors to exceptional Australian and international artists, and their work.  The exhibition program comprised regular solo and curated group exhibitions, showcasing the genres of painting, sculpture, photography and limited edition prints. In total, the gallery presented in excess of 200 exhibitions and successfully placed numerous artworks in both private, corporate and institutional collections throughout Australia and across the globe.

Invited to become a member of the Australian Commercial Galleries Association (ACGA) in 2008, in recognition of her professional conduct meeting with the ACGA's strongly upheld membership criteria, (the most important of which was ethical representation of artists), Catherine was elected State Chair (Vic/Tas) and became a National Board member in 2011. Catherine retained membership until 2013, when she closed the gallery.

Catherine Asquith remains a passionate advocate for bridging the gap between the Australian arts sector and the global art market, and in so doing, is pleased to offer advisory services for emerging and mid-career artists as follows:

  • Profile documentation
  • Gallery submission documentation
  • Curatorial
  • Career direction advice

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